The Full-time Master of Arts (M.A) programme shall run for a minimum of 24 calendar months and a maximum of 36 calendar months.

For extension beyond the maximum period, special permission of the Postgraduate School Board shall be required.

Mode of Study

The student shall be required to register for four (4) courses. At the end of course work, he shall be required to sit an examination. He shall also submit a well researched Long Essay which shall be a warded a mark. A student may be required to do an oral deference of the Long Essay

Duration of Programme

A minimum of 3 years and a maximum of 5 years

Course evaluation

  1. Attainment Levels

    In the Master of Arts (M.A) programme, assessment of students’achievements should be based on:

    1. Examinations
    2. Seminar/Term Papers
    3. Oral presentations and problem solving exercises
    4. Assignments
    5. Group project work
    6. LL.M. thesis.
  2. Continuous Assessment

  3. Continuous assessment may be done through seminars, tests, term papers and home work. Scores from continuous assessment shall constitute not more thhan 30% of the final marks for the courses.

    Examinations, Grading Procedure and Results
    (i)         Examinations
    (a)        In addition to continuous assessment, final examinations shall be given at the end of the programme.  The total score obtainable for any course (continuous assessment and final examinations)’ is 100%

    (b)        Each course shall normally be completed and examined at the end of the programme in which it is offered.

    (c)        A written examination shall normally last for 3 hours.

                (ii)        Pass Mark
    The minimum pass mark in any course shall be 50%

    % Scores

    Letter Grades


    70 & above
    60 – 69
    50 – 59
    Below 50



    (iii)       External Examination system
    The external examination system shall be used to assess the course work and Long Essay/Thesis of the graduate programme, to assess final year courses and projects and to certify the overall performance of the graduating students as well as the quality of facilities and teaching.

    (iv)       Presentation of Results
    Results from the Postgraduate school Board shall be presented to Senate for approval.
    (v)        Release of Results
    Results shall be released/published subject to the approval of the Senate.

Requirement for Graduation

A student shall be required to complete at least 24 units (6 units each) and also present a Long Essay or Thesis, as the case may be, which must be an original research work. The Long Essay or thesis carries 6 units which make a total 30 units for the LL.M programme. To be eligible to sit for examination in a particular course, a student must record at least 75% attendance at lectures, seminars and tutorials delivered for the course.

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