Our Objectives

The objectives for the establishment of the programme include the following:-

  1. To produce law graduates who would be called to the Nigerian Bar and practice legal profession both in Nigeria and abroad.
  2. To provide qualified legal personnel who would teach law both in Nigeria and abroad.
  3. To produce law graduates with a broad and comprehensive background in law to engage in a wide variety of professional services to the society both nationally and internationally.
  4. With its rich and most comprehensive Islamic law curricula, the programme is aimed at producing graduates that chose to specialize in Islamic law with an in-depth knowledge in the sharia legal system to meet the needs of the hybrid legal system especially in the northern states of the country.
  5. As the only first generation University in the Northern states, the Faculty trains postgraduate personnel to meet the manpower needs of the sister faculties and legal departments in virtually all the Universities and other tertiary institutions in the Northern states.
  6. To generally, provide a professional degree whose graduates would pursue careers as
    1. Private legal practition
    2. Counsels in both state and federal ministries of justice
    3. Administrative officers in government ministries
    4. Foreign affairs officers
    5. Legal advisers in government parastatals or private corporations
    6. Company secretaries
    7. Administrative/legal officers in commercial or industrial enterprises
    8. Legal or administrative work in international organizations
    9. Justice in both higher and lower bench
    10. Candidates for postgraduate courses leading to specialization in certain areas of the law.